Ensure Your Business Gets The Most From The Internet

Internet Speaker Graham Jones On Stage

Cover of my book. Click.ologyHello, I am a professional speaker who can help your businesses get the most out of the Internet.  I am a psychologist and I look at the web from a human point of view. I’m interested in things like:

  • Building and Extending Client Relationships
  • Click.ology – the Science of Getting People to Click on What You Want
  • Gaining Attention Online
  • Website Design – What Makes An Instant Psychological Impact
  • Online Personal Productivity – Avoiding Distractions

I am not a technical Internet speaker, nor do I concentrate on any one subject such as “social media”. Instead, I look at your entire web presence and help your business make the most of it both internally and externally. Use my psychological advice about the Internet and your online business will improve – so too will your online productivity as your staff get to know the tricks and techniques for avoiding the many distractions available to them on the web…! In short, I talk about using the Internet to improve your business. You can find out more about that in my book “Click.ology: What Works in Online Shopping

Take a look at these videos where you can see my speaking style and the fact that I am comfortable on a big stage, or in a web conference.



There are several kinds of speaking engagements I undertake.

I provide anything from a 17-minute “TED” style talk, right up to a whole day. I have spoken at all kinds of conferences and meetings in over 15 countries.

I am the author of 32 books, many of which have been translated into several languages. I also write a daily blog about the psychology of the internet.

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